Blessing or Curse: Living in an HOA Managed Community

by Zoryana Rawlins 01/13/2020

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As more and more planned communities are being constructed along Florida's East Coast from Jacksonville to Miami, the number of Homeowners' Associations (HOAs) are growing exponentially. HOAs are a group of owners charged with creating and enforcing guidelines for the community, working in the common interests of the owners, and manage and maintain common areas.

For some, HOAs are a blessing, minimizing the responsibilities of homeowners and helping to ensure a property's value is maintained. Others view an HOA as an intrusive curse, getting involved in matters they need not be bothering about.

If you are considering moving into a condominium building or community managed by an association, you should be aware of both the positives and negatives.

The Positives of an HOA

There is no question an HOA can benefit the community it serves and its homeowners. Here are some of the benefits of living in a community with an HOA.

  • Minimizes owner responsibilities.
  • Serves as a liaison between neighbors should conflicts arise.
  • Manage and maintain common areas.
  • Collects fees for overall property maintenance and improvements.
  • Sets minimal standards for home and yard maintenance and consistency.
  • Monitor the community to minimize negative behavior and/or illegal activities.
  • May help maintain the security of a community.
  • The Potential Negatives of an HOA

    Some homeowners may feel that an HOA can overstep its authority and can negatively impact the joy of owning a home in a managed community. Here are some of the possible downsides to an HOA.

  • HOA's can determine whether or not you can rent your home short or long term.
  • They have oversight of the overall community including individual properties.
  • They can regulate anything from landscaping details to what can be parked in a driveway.
  • They can set assessments.
  • They can levy fines and ultimately foreclose on a home.
  • Weighing the Good and the Bad

    We often hear reports about on how an HOA has used its authority to prevent a property owner from putting up a political sign, flag or even painting their home an unauthorized color. When reading such stories, it's easy to get an overall negative impression of HOA's and the authority they have. What you don't hear about , however, are the tens of hundreds of thousands of property owners that are served efficiently and effectively by their HOA. On a daily basis, HOA's keep properties well-maintained and work to preserve and enhance value.

    Before making a move to a managed community, one might want to do their own investigation into how a particular HOA conducts its business and how owners feel about their association.

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