5 Things You Need In Your Walk-In Closet

by Zoryana Rawlins 01/02/2022

Walk-in closets are an incredibly popular feature and often featured on homebuyers’ wishlists. If your home does not have a walk-in closet already, there are some clever ways to build one with some remodeling. Whether you have a walk-in closet already or are thinking about adding one, there are some key features you should be sure to include.

Here are some things every walk-in closet should have:

Closet Island

If the space allows, make sure your closet has an island. A closet island functions just like a kitchen island: providing additional storage, surface area and design interest to the space. Your closet island could have built-in drawers or shelves, depending on your preference. The top surface is useful for quick folding, organizing or temporary placement of items before you put them away.

Full-Length Mirror

If you want your walk-in closet to function like a dressing room, you’ll need a full-length mirror. There are lots of options for how to include a large mirror in your closet space, including free-standing mirrors and mirrored cabinet doors. You can also dedicate an entire wall to mirror space and create the illusion of a much larger room at the same time.

Built-In Laundry Receptacle

Have a hamper or other receptacle to gather dirty laundry with zero effort. Rather than go to a separate room or let your laundry accumulate on the floor or other surfaces, fill a basket or hamper right in your closet. One popular way to include laundry storage in walk-in closets is with built-in drawers deep enough for a laundry bag. You can also mount a hamper or basket to the wall to keep floor space clear.

Proper Lighting

Good lighting is essential to a functional walk-in closet. Having adequate lighting makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for. It also can make organizing and putting things away much simpler. You want the lighting to be comfortable and flattering as well as functional. The best way to light a walk-in closet is with the combination of overhead recessed lighting, task lighting for drawers and shelves. You may also add a fun lamp or chandelier to add character and personal style.

Dedicated Shoe Storage

Of all the items in your closet, shoes have the greatest tendency to take up unnecessary amounts of space—no matter how many shoes you have. Setting aside a dedicated space for shoe storage is crucial to a good walk-in closet plan. Try a vertical storage system for hanging shoes or reserve a specific shelf for footwear. Keep the shoes you commonly wear readily available to prevent digging through the collection to find your favorites.

Walk-in closets can vary dramatically in terms of storage, style and ambiance. No matter what you choose for your space, make sure you include these key features to get the most out of your closet.

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