Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

by Zoryana Rawlins 03/07/2019

So many people have tried severally to lose weight but to no avail. They have tried a countless number of weight loss teas and pills only to find out that it is just an utter waste of time and money. In reality, consuming most of these weight pills and beverages aren't healthy ways to lose weight. They pose a lot of danger to your health. If you intend to lose weight naturally, below are three practical ways to burn that fat without having to buy any expensive pill or tea:

Detox your belly 

In most cases, having too much weight comes with a big belly. Detoxing your stomach is very important if you wish to have a flat tummy. However, so many people do this wrong and don't get a much-needed result. When you detox your belly, you clean it from toxins that may hinder the liver from getting the fat stored in your stomach. Belly detox helps the liver to properly burn the stored fat which will then result in a flat tummy.

Two active ingredients for belly detox are lemon and ginger. These ingredients have numerous health benefits, and that's why they very effective in belly detoxing. If you have already tried this before and you did not get a good result, chances are you did not make use of the peels from the lemon and ginger. Studies have shown that the active components of lemon and ginger are in their skins.Recipe for lemon-ginger belly detox


a. 3 cups of water

b. 2 large ginger 

c. 3 medium sized lemon


a. Wash the lemon and ginger properly

b. Cut the lemons in half, and squeeze the juice into a clean cup. Cover it and put it in the refrigerator. Keep the peels

c. Blend or grate the skins of the lemon thoroughly with the whole ginger

d. Add two cups of hot water to the blended ginger, add lemon peels and leave overnight

e. Sieve the water from the blend and pour it into your lemon water

f. Drink this along with four glasses of warm water every morning on an empty stomach

g. Do not eat for at least 4 hours after drinking the detox water.

Note: This detox water is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

Avoid carbohydrate-rich food

The reason for detoxing the belly is to allow the liver to get the fat stored in those areas. This effort becomes a total waste of time when we eat high carbohydrate foods like rice, bread, sugar, pasta, etc. after detoxing. In order not to make the detoxing futile, you should be on a low carb diet or ketogenic diet. In conclusion, make movement a part of your daily habit. Do some form of physical exercise for at least 10 minutes every day. If you can do these three things for a month, you will lose some considerable amount of weight.

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