Why You Should Not Yell at Your Kids

by Zoryana Rawlins 02/15/2019

Being a parent comes with a lot of stress - from hectic periods at the office to your rowdy kids at home, it's sometimes hard to get the emotions in check. Sometimes, your kids can make you go insane, and before you realize, you yell at them from the top of your lungs. Well, this is natural, you are not the only one guilty. 

Yelling hurts your kids. Instead of getting frazzled and yelling at your kids, try to get your feelings to a calm place to have a simple dialogue with your children.

Why do Parents Yell? 

The answer to this question is that they are sometimes angry or frustrated with the kids or other things happening in their life. When anger sits in, your voice raises. Yelling does not stop the situation. When you yell at your kids, it will make them keep quiet or prevent them from doing the annoying thing for a short while, but when you leave, they go back and continue mischief. 

Yelling doesn't correct or change their behavior, but instead makes them scared of you. As a parent, your kids depend on you for learning and emotional support. When anger and aggression become common in the home, your child too will copy such negative emotions.

What are the Effects of yelling on your kids?

Once upon a time, before you became a mother or father, you were once a kid and most likely never liked it if your parents yelled at you, so why yell at your kid? Yelling at your kid makes discipline harder because when you raise your voice, their receptivity lowers. In recent times, research has shown that yelling increases the aggressiveness of children, verbally and physically. 

Yelling is an expression of anger. It makes your children insecure and scared of you. What's worse than being a parent and your kids trembling when they see you?

Yelling that comes with verbal insults has the same effect as emotional abuse. It lowers your kid's self-esteem, increases their aggression, makes them susceptible to bullying and builds anxiety within them. 

Yelling breaks the emotional bond between you and your children. If you see your kids doing something annoying, it's best you step away from the situation for a few minutes. That will help to calm down your nerves at first before you approach them for correction. 

Find a better way to talk to your children

Rather than yelling at your kids, it's best you look them in the eyes and speak to them calmly, yet firmly. This method will strengthen the emotional bond between you and your children, make discipline easy and give them a happy childhood.If you find that you yell and lose your temper often, speak with a family counselor today to help you figure out ways of dealing with your emotions.

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